“As Sarah is a very competitive runner and formerly elite, she understands athletes needs and did a fantastic job of releasing my tight psoas, hip flexor, adductors, glute medeus and also my QL and subscap. She does it in a way that isn’t painful and doesn’t leave bruising which was really what I thought it should be. I went in for a tune up for Chicago Marathon which is in 6 days and I feel like I could run it tomorrow! Thanks Sarah I’m planning on coming back next month for my post marathon fix!”

– Tracey Elaine Ashall Fischer –

After several months of self-diagnosis followed by a few $100s of failed chiropractic care, I turned to Sarah for treatment on a back that had taken me almost out of running. Under her care I went from dropping out of a 50k halfway through with muscle spams to running 70 miles in 11 hours setting PRs at the 50k, 50 mile and 100k distances with NO pain or setbacks. There was a month in between these two events and I owe it all to her!! She is knowledgeable, attentive and has a passion for helping runners and non-runners alike. Highly recommend!

– Doug Robinson  –

Great service!! Sarah has taken care of my body for years!! She understands the runners body!!

– Rob Yerger –

 “Sarah is a true healer in every sense of the word I trust her completely! “

– Sonja Friend Uhl –
US National Record Holder 1500, Mile

“Massage is so important to athletes! As a massage therapist, Sarah is gifted at helping athletes overcome problems, enabling them to train and race better. She has helped me with lower back, hip and leg issues I’ve faced as I trained for marathons and half-Ironmans. I recommend Sarah to all the athletes I coach, as well as to all of my friends, athletic or not.”

– Robyn Culbertson –
USA Triathlon Level I Coach
USA Cycling Level III Coach

 “Was suffering from a chronic headache, nothing seemed to work, went to a chiropractor which helped relive the symptoms for a day or two and then the headache came back. After one visit with Massage works my headache went away and has been gone for over a month. I highly recommend Sarah, she works on the actual issue you’re having and works with the muscles. She doesn’t just give you a general “fluff” massage”

– Nick Beers –