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Sarah Allers of Massage Works Therapy

Sarah was born in Derby, England and grew up in a military family. Eventually moving to Florida, Sarah attempted to qualify for the 1996 Olympic Trials held in Columbia, South Carolina. Sarah finished the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama with a time of 2:51:23. Shy by only 83 seconds, Sarah narrowly missed qualifying for the Olympic Trials.

Determined to keep going, Sarah traveled to Houston, Texas in January 1996 to compete for a second chance at the Olympic Trials and qualifying with a 2:46:35 time. She currently runs for the Fleet Feet Running Team.

Sarah graduated from the Fingerlakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY, which has the highest requirements of any massage school in the United States. She completed her schooling in December of 2006 and holds her license in South Carolina.

Sarah was voted South Carolina  Master Distance Runner of the year for 2017

as well as South Carolina  Master Distance Runner of the year for 2019.

About Massage Works

Therapeutic massage is an integral part of a healthy body, injury prevention, and overall wellness. This is especially true of athletes who demand so much from their bodies. Sarah M. Allers has experience as both an athlete and licensed massage therapist to apply the appropriate healing touch.